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Physics Sketchpad

Physics Sketchpad is a physics simulator in which one can observe the effect of different forces upon objects. It can be used as a planet simulator or projectile simulator if one adjusts the forces accordingly. Forces include gravity between objects, global gravity, collision adjustments, drag, acceleration, and more.



Random numbers on computers are not truly random. They use a formula for calculating their numbers that is not random by definition. RealRandom, also known as Real Random and TrueRandom, is the only app on the market that uses REAL random numbers, through's api which provides random numbers based on a truly random atmospheric noise. As a result, you get truly random numbers suitable for drawings, games, bets, or any time you need to do something randomly.


Civ Help

Egansoft's Civ Help is a tool used to help students of Western Civiliations music study for civ tests by randomly generating and playing small snippets from different songs that one is required to know, allowing one to practice in the same way they are tested. This app allows students to take the same tool used online at wherever they go.


Gravity Ball

An experimental application that rolls a ball around the screen based on how the device is tilted, great for testing an accelerometer or leveling surfaces. Features include wall impact screen shakes, displaying accelerometer tilt values, customizable sensitivity, and easy use.


Ad Gallery

Ad Gallery is an app in which you can see rows of mobile ads provided by AdMob. Discover great offers and deals that are promoted through ads.

Web Development


Quality Inn Monterey Fairgrounds

Hospitality industry has become extremely competitive and even resort destination spots such as Monterey, have experienced a downturn in revenues in the past several years. The owner of Quality Inn Monterey Fairgrounds decided that revamping of their ten year old website was one of the most important steps for obtaining a competitive edge. With that in mind, Egansoft researched and redesigned their site to stand out among its competitors in hopes of inspiring and drawing potential guests to their property. We have been informed that their occupancy rate has indeed increased significantly recently and we would like to believe that we have successfully assisted in their success.


Text Inflator

Text Inflator is a web application developed by Egansoft that expands the length of a block of writing without adding any additional ideas, meaning, or value. While it is not recommended to be used for actual formal assignments, it was developed as a simple experiment in the field of natural language processing.


2048 Hack Version

Tired of all your friends doing better than you at 2048? The 2048 Hack Version lets you set the value of the generated tiles, allowing you to beat all of their scores. Alternatively, you could also set the starting value to a strange number or a word and see what happens. Just type in the value below and start playing.


Cooper Law Offices

Cooper Law Offices is a legal firm based in Marin, California. Egansoft worked with their team to develop a site that provides an overview of their business and areas of expertise. They did not have any established logos or corporate designs for us to work with, so the possibilities were wide open for our own design recommendations. Mr. Cooper wanted a clean look and feel to the site that portrayed sound legal counsel and expertise in commercial real estate transactions, construction and issues, entity formation, as well as estate planning. As evident, we were successful in delivering on Mr. Cooper’s goals and expectations.


Econo Lodge Seaside

Econo Lodge, as the name suggests, is one of Choice Hotel brands that targets the lower budget traveler. As a sister company to Quality Inn Monterey Fairgrounds, Econo Lodge Seaside is faced with even greater challenges when it comes to competition as its location is less desirable than Monterey. Based on our success with Quality inn, the owner, hired our services to develop the Econo Lodge site with a consistent look and feel of its sister property as well as cross-selling opportunities. We were challenged with a low budget that matched the Econo brand targeting low budget customers and a tight launch date to take full advantage of the impending summer months. This is where we had to be creative in our approach to successfully deliver an affordable but high quality product.


CISE Education Fund

The CISE Education Fund was established by the Consortium of Information Systems Executives as an IRS 503c charity to assist underprivileged students to pursue Information Technology and Engineering degrees. CISE members donate their time to the charity in multiple fund raising activities to assist under privileged students and 100% of the funds raised by CISE Education Fund are donated to students. Egansoft worked closely with the board of directors to design, develop, finalize and launch this site in 15 hours.

Our Team

Nicholas Egan

Nicholas Egan found his calling in software development at the age of 10, and since then has been a developing skills in the field for a variety of platforms. He has expertise in areas such as mobile app development, Java, web design, back end web development in PHP and MySQL, front end web development in JavaScript, Ruby, and shell. He founded Egansoft in order to provide high quality software solutions at affordable prices and publish his applications on a variety of platforms.

Aaron Barbieri-Aghib

Aaron Barbieri-Aghib is an experienced web developer and designer. He aims for perfection and strides towards a balance between innovation and simplicity in every project. Creativity is a main driver in his work and each of his projects are unique. Creating a responsive web design that the client enjoys is his utmost priority, and with his creative and innovative mindset, he is able to create a one of a kind site.

Michael Lin

Michael Lin is a software and web developer, with experience in Java, C/C++/C#, web design, back end web development in PHP and MySQL, and front end web development in JavaScript. He has satisfied countless clients in producing top quality web applications.

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